Take My Hand

Good afternoon readers!

Sitting here thinking about this blog and all that I have posted thus far I have realized, I have never really taken the time to introduce myself. How rude of me. I think you can guess what this post will entail.

Here we go:

My name is Leah Bailey. I am a 22 year old midwest girl. As you have probably figured out from past posts, I am a Christian falling in love with my Jesus. I decided to hand my life over to my Jesus on October 20, 2010 and shortly after I felt my first real call to missions. I have been on 5 in state mission trips and I would love to share my experience on those with anyone who will listen. I am currently foregoing college to work and allow God to show me His plans for my future career. Along side of that I have decided to pursue a career in social work. My heart rests with the children of this world and I fully plan to bring hope and the love of God to as many as He will allow. I enjoy drawing, nature, and fruit.

I do believe I have covered all basics. If anyone has any questions I will gladly accept them.

XOXO Stay excellent


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